Pisani had not only the ideal ‘physique du rôle’ and knew how to recreate Ophélie’s mood changes, but also excellent means to approach the demanding score with remarkable brilliance, accurate emission and well-tuned high notes.

Carlos Singer . Scherzo Magazine

Excellent Laura Pisani, as the Queen of the Night, with perfect tuning and ability to develop the legato line, she managed to obtain an expressiveness that shows her understanding of each note’s value.
She displayed an optimal coloratura technique and her interpretation of the two arias was magnificent. An incarnation of the Queen of the Night that will surely endure in the public’s memory

Graciela Morgenstern . Musical Critics of Argentina Association

Laura Pisani’s performance stands out for her limpid and bittersweet inflections and the virgin freshness of her soprano voice…

Sébastien Vacelet . Olyrix